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Cracklock is the leader in the hard task of repairing a bug present in a growing number of sharewares and exploited by a polymorph virus known as the \"30th day\" virus. As its name implies, the virus manifests itself only once you have run the infected software for a certain period of time; usually 30 days suffice to trigger it. To protect these buggy sharewares from this virus, Cracklock uses techniques that other anti-virus vendors such as McAfee, Norton, Sophos, Thunderbyte and F-Proot seem to ignore.

Also, many developers have used Cracklock in the past to test their softwares for Y2K compliance. Recently, we have worked hard adapting Cracklock to the well kwown Y10K bug (aka \"bug of the year 10000\"). Developers can now use Cracklock to test conformity of their programs against this ever-threatening bug.

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Price: Free

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Operating System: Windows, Windows Vista

Publisher: William Blum

Release Date: 2008-03-09

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